Invisacook, the modern 

Kitchen Appliance 

The Invisacook, when combined with any

ceramic countertop material,

has no seams, making it exceptionally

simple to maintain and clean.

Invisacooks Greatest Benefits 

The Invisacook has multiple advantages over conventionel

Induction Cooktop or Gas Stoves 


  • Invisacook is specifically designed to defy conventional visual expectations and enhance your overall countertop space.


  • With the Invisacooks hidden Hub's you gain additional countertop space.


  • Invisacook can be installed under a variety of different ceramic porcelain countertop materials.


  • Easy to clean surface, no more burned spills or boilings.


  • The Invisacook Hub does not create any heat, it only heats up your Cookware, in combination with the InvisaMat to protect your countertop and prevent from burns or Thermashocks. Also the Childlock Option to protect the little ones.

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Invisacook offers the following choices of cooktops to fit your kitchens needs

Invisacook is available in the following sizes

How does the Invisacook work?

The Invisacook-System is installed underneath your countertop. Using our own advanced Invisa-Induction-Technology, it works through your countertop to effectively heat up your cookware and not waste energy.

Additionally, the Invisacook does not gernerate direct heat, it remains safe to use as traditional countertop space when you are not cooking.

The Invisacook Controller can be installed into your Countertop, Backsplash or in a drawer.